How to change my debit card PIN?

You set your debit card PIN when you activate your card. N26 never sets a PIN code for your card, so if you forget it or just want to change it—you can easily reset your PIN right from the N26 app.

Before setting or changing your PIN, make sure your smartphone is paired with your account and that you’ve activated your card. Then follow these steps:

  1. From the home screen, tap on Cards
  2. Select the relevant card from your list
  3. Tap on Reset PIN (of if you have not yet set a PIN, you will see Set PIN)
  4. Do you have a physical or virtual card?
    1. If it is a physical card, you will need to enter the 10-digit Token number that appears on the front or back of your card;
    2. If it is a virtual card, you will be asked to verify your identity with either a fingerprint or facial authentication.
  5. Once you pass these you can enter a new PIN code and confirm

Please note: Before making an online purchase or a contactless (NFC) payment with a newly activated card, you’ll first have to make a chip-and-PIN transaction in a store or at an ATM.

Invalid or wrong PIN

  • For security reasons we don’t accept any PIN containing elements of your birth date, address, or any combination of repeated digits or numerical sequences—such as 1111, 1234, or 4321. If the number you chose isn’t accepted, simply try again a different combination. 
  • If you enter the wrong PIN code three times in a row, you will need to follow the above PIN reset steps before you can use your card again.
  • Your debit card PIN is not the same as your confirmation PIN, (new tab) although you can choose the same PIN code for both if you want.
  • If, after changing your PIN code, you have trouble paying with your card, please ensure that you’ve completed a payment using the chip or at an ATM or in store.