How to activate my card?

Activate your N26 Mastercard right from the N26 app and start using it right away! You’ll have to activate your card whether it’s your first N26 card, a replacement card, or you’ve upgraded to an N26 Smart, N26 You, or N26 Metal card.

Once you receive your card in the mail, just make sure your smartphone is paired with your account and then:

  1. From the home screen open the Cards tab
  2. Select the card to be activated from your list of cards
  3. Tap Activate card
  4. Enter the 10-digit token number that appears on the front (if you are a Standard customer) or on the back (if you are a Smart, You or Metal customer) of your card and choose your PIN number

To activate your card on the WebApp (new tab), just select Activate card from the homescreen. Good to know: Virtual cards do not need to be activated. Your virtual card is already active when delivered to you.

FYI, before making an online purchase or a contactless (NFC) payment with your card, you’ll first have to make a chip-and-PIN transaction — in a store or at an ATM.

And if multiple cards come in the mail — for example, delivery was delayed and you received more than one card — you can only activate the most recent card. However, if you have a premium account and order a spare card then you’ll still be able to activate that new card.