How to pay taxes on N26 Savings and N26 Invest?

With N26 Savings (Germany and Austria only) and N26 Invest (Germany only), our partner banks are legally required to pass on taxes to the relevant tax authorities.

  • We’ll have annual tax certificates ready for you in the app every April. You can find it in the Savings & Investment tab. If you need further documents for your tax return, we can provide you with an exemption order form for N26 Invest or a loss certificate.

  • You can apply for exemptions from capital gains tax and church tax. For N26 Invest, the required documents are found in the Documents section of the Savings & Investment tab of the mobile app. For N26 Savings, you can find the exemption form (new tab)here for Grenke Bank(new tab) and here for Greensill Bank(new tab). Chat with us and we'll ask you to send the completed document. We’ll forward your request to our partner bank.

  • Income that is above the capital gains tax allowance is taxable in Germany. In addition to capital gains taxes, investments are subject to the solidarity surcharge and church tax.

  • The custodian bank automatically deducts all applicable taxes from your total deposits if you are taxable in Germany. This means that the potential returns on your investment always show the net amount after tax. If you’re not taxable in Germany, you’ll receive the gross amount of your income. You’re then responsible for filing your capital gains tax in the country where you pay taxes.