How to dispute a card transaction and request a chargeback

Have you noticed a card transaction on your N26 bank account statement that you don’t recognize? Did you place an order online, but never receive it? Read on to find out how to request a chargeback in these instances..

What is a chargeback? 

Simply put, a chargeback is the return of a card payment to a customer by the merchant following a transaction dispute. The chargeback is paid out once the transaction dispute is successfully resolved in favor of the customer.  

N26 offers a chargeback service through Mastercard, which allows you to dispute transactions made by someone other than yourself, or when a mistake occurs on the merchant’s part. For example, if you ordered goods online and didn’t receive them by the expected delivery date, you may be eligible to file a chargeback to request your money back.

How to dispute a transaction with N26 

You can dispute a transaction from your N26 mobile app, or the N26 WebApp. 

  1. Go to the ‘Home’ tab, and select the transaction you want to dispute 
  2. Tap ‘Get help with this transaction’ and follow the steps provided. 


  • If your dispute is about an unauthorized transaction, you’ll need to block and reorder your N26 card to prevent further fraud before we can process your request. You’ll be guided through the steps in your N26 app.  
  • If you select a transaction but theGet help’ button doesn’t appear, this means that the transaction is still in authorization. In this case, you’ll need to wait until the charge becomes a presentment. Read this article (new tab) to learn about the difference between authorizations and presentments.
  • If you’ve already closed your N26 account and no longer have access to the N26 app, you’ll need to contact customer service from your registered email address at (new tab).

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about chargebacks (new tab).