Reinvest your N26 Invest portfolio capital to Moneyfarm (formerly Vaamo)

You can reinvest the funds from your N26 Invest plan to a brand new investment plan with Moneyfarm

Important risk notice: As this option would mean closing your existing portfolio and reinvesting the capital in a new portfolio, this can result in a financial loss depending on the actual market value of your portfolio compared to the amount originally invested.

To begin the transfer of your portfolio capital to a new investment plan with Moneyfarm please follow the steps below:

  1. Register an account with(new tab) Moneyfarm(new tab) (please use the link you received in the email we sent you as special conditions apply for N26 customers). You’ll need to verify your email address with them.

  2. You’ll then need to complete Moneyfarm’s advice/suitability questionnaire. which includes your risk preferences and your risk bearing capacity as a basis for a strategy/portfolio recommendation that suits your needs. 

  3. Plan your investment by selecting a strategy/portfolio and choose your initial investment as well as your monthly investment plan. A minimum investment amount does not apply for existing N26 Invest customers. 

  4. Open the account by entering relevant personal information (name, address, date of birth etc).

  5. You’ll then need to confirm both Moneyfarm and FIL Fondsbank’s (FFB) legal documentation.

  6. Complete verification by either video verification or PostIdent.

  7. Once your application is accepted, you can reach out to Moneyfarm (new tab)customer support(new tab)* who will arrange the transfer of your N26 Invest portfolio and the reinvestment of your portfolio capital to your new Moneyfarm investment plan.   

Their customer service will provide you with an already completed portfolio form that you’ll need to sign and send back to Moneyfarm (electronic signatures are accepted). 

Moneyfarm will then instruct FFB to complete the transfer of your N26 Invest portfolio.

Please note that this option must be completed by 03.09.2019 –  the completion of your sign-up, verification and transfer of your portfolio capital make take up to several days, please ensure that these steps are completed in their entirety before the above date.

You'll be able to contact Moneyfarm here: 

Tel: +49 (0) 69 3807 6632

Email: tab)

Moneyfarm’s website is currently only available in German but their customer service will be able to answer any queries in English.