How to apply for an overdraft?

Available in Germany and Austria

You can apply for an overdraft only in the N26 mobile app. You’ll know whether you qualify in real-time with no paperwork needed. You can apply for an N26 Overdraft as follows:

  1. Login the N26 mobile app.
  2. From the Homescreen, tap on the Explore-tab.
  3. Scroll down to Financial Products.
  4. Swipe to the side and tap on N26 Overdraft and follow the steps shown in the app.

There you can also change the limits of your overdraft, view the interest you’ve accumulated or cancel your overdraft at any time. The interest rate we apply to your overdraft is 8.9% above the ECB rate. We're going to deduct the interest from your account at the end of every quarter.

When you apply for N26 Overdraft, we look at information on your personal and financial situation. We then decide automatically on your eligibility for N26 Overdraft and the limit amount we can offer you, based on a mathematical-statistical method and our risk appetite practiced at each moment in time. In this regard:

  • We take into account several factors and assess the personal data we have about you to make our decision on your N26 Overdraft application, as better detailed in our Privacy Policy
  • If you want to challenge the automated decision on your eligibility or on the limits for your N26 Overdraft and want to have a human review of this automated decision, you can get in touch with us by contacting our Customer Support team, either via live chat through your N26 mobile app, web app or via the N26 Support Center. Kindly note, we can only discuss account related matters from an email address registered to your N26 account or from your Secure Inbox in your app.
  • If you decide to activate your N26 Overdraft, we will report this to SCHUFA.

Why didn't I get an overdraft?

As mentioned above, we apply a mathematical-statistical method in order to assess and decide if we can offer you an overdraft. The result is determined automatically in real-time.

If you followed the steps above and didn’t get an overdraft, it means we probably can’t offer you an overdraft at the moment. The latter might particularly be the case if you have an active garnishment or previously did not fulfil your financial obligations. Making your N26 account your main account (new tab) also has a positive effect on your eligibility.

If you live in Germany, when deciding on your N26 Overdraft eligibility and limits we look at your SCHUFA Score, which can be up to 3 years old. If it’s older, we will request your most recent SCHUFA Score after you have gone through our N26 Overdraft application flow. This might appear on your SCHUFA report, but does not affect your SCHUFA score and will only be visible to you. In this case, you may not be offered a N26 Overdraft. If you live in Austria, we look at your CRIF Score.

If you can’t get an overdraft, you can try again at a later point in time. In any case, if you are not eligible for a N26 Overdraft, we will notify you as soon as you become eligible. If you want to challenge the automated decision on your eligibility, please see above how to get in touch with us.

If you have further questions, please open a live chat directly in the N26 mobile app or your Online Banking.

You can find more information in our Overdraft Terms & Conditions (new tab).

Why can’t I get a higher overdraft?

As mentioned above, we apply a mathematical-statistical method model in order to determine the amount limit we can offer you for an overdraft. The result is determined automatically in real-time and depends on the personal and financial information we have about you and our risk appetite at each moment in time.

We will notify you as soon as we may grant you a higher limit for your N26 Overdraft. If you want to challenge the automated decision on the limit we can offer you, please see above how to get in touch with us. In this case, please reach out to us before accepting the overdraft limit we offered you.

Why was my Overdraft limit reduced or cancelled?

We routinely review the overdrafts we offer to ensure sustainable overdraft protection for all our customers. This change is not necessarily permanent, and you may be able to request an increase in your overdraft limit in the future. If you need further information, please reach out to our Customer Support Team.

Can my overdraft limit change? / Why did my limit get reduced?

We routinely review the overdraft limits we offer to ensure adequate protection for our customers. We may reduce or cancel limits if:

  • We make a change to our credit policy
  • You repeatedly forget to repay your overdraft for more than 90 days
  • You repeatedly repay your overdraft late
  • Your credit score decreases significantly
  • You use your overdraft for fraudulent or illegal activity

If changes are implemented that affect you, we will naturally ensure that you are informed.

What happens if I cancel my Overdraft whilst having a negative account balance?

  • Your overdraft balance and interest becomes due immediately
  • You lose the ability to borrow money when your account balance is 0
  • To reenable, you will have to apply for overdraft again, reactivation is not always guaranteed

After cancellation, you will have to repay your overdraft immediately to avoid any additional fees towards N26 caused by delay in repayment. You will also start receiving reminders to top up. 

Can I request a limit increase?

While we don’t currently offer credit limit increases, we’re working to make this possible in the future.

What can I do if I can’t pay back the money before the deadline?

Limit change does not affect your current outstanding balance. You can continue to pay back the outstanding balance at least once every 90 days, as long as your usage is below your maximum limit.