When will my card arrive?

Standard delivery takes up to 10 working days and is free of charge if it's your first card after opening the account (except for N26 Standard*) or upgrading to a premium membership. In rural or harder-to-reach areas it can take longer. To stay up to date on the delivery progress simply go to the home screen of your N26 mobile app.

Express delivery takes up to 3 working days. In addition to the banner on the home screen of your N26 mobile app, you will also receive an email with a tracking link to check the progress of your card delivery. Learn more in our dedicated article about express delivery.

Please wait until the estimated delivery time has elapsed before taking further action.

How to make sure my card is on it's way?

  1. You need to verify your identity when opening an N26 account. Please be sure you have completed this process by logging into your account. Once this process is complete your account is created, and in order to receive your card you will need to top up your account. The amount you need to top up your account by is dependent on your membership type (e.g. Standard, N26 You etc.). You can see more details in number 3 below.
  2. Check your shipping details. In case your details are incorrect, please update them directly in the mobile app: 👤 My Account > Personal Details > Addresses > Shipping Address.
    • It must be a residential address (businesses are not accepted).
    • Your name must be on the mailbox. If a different name is on the mailbox, please add it to the 'additional info' in your mobile app.
    • Enter your postal code without any spaces.
    • If applicable, add your building number, floor number and door code to the 'additional address info' in your mobile app.
    • If your address contains special characters then please contact our customer service from within the app.
    • If you're moving soon please consider the express delivery option and make sure to select the country and address where you'll move to.
    • If it is your very first N26 card, please open a live chat from within the mobile or web app. If you had an activated card before, please reorder it directly in the app.
  3. Your first N26 Smart, N26 You or N26 Metal card is free of charge. For N26 Standard it will be a free virtual card (unless you decide to order a physical one for 10€). 
  4. Your card is produced and shipped if your account balance remains at or above 0€ after the first monthly fee was charged. The first premium membership fee is charged immediately when upgrading. If you sign up for a premium membership, the first fee will be charged after you topped up your account to cover the fee, but at the latest 15 days after you proved your identity.
  5. If the first fee was charged and you have a negative account balance, you must top up your account in order to trigger the production and shipment of your card.

You will be notified in the app via Messages and through a banner on the home screen that will show you the delivery progress. Please note:

  • The one-time minimum balance is not a fee but a necessary requirement to trigger the production and delivery of your card.
  • For express delivery the fee of 25€ will be deducted from your account as soon as the card is shipped. Please make sure that your account balance covers these fees.
  • You can switch from a normal delivery to an express delivery if you wish, at an extra cost. In order to arrange your express delivery, please reach our to our CS teams.

How to use my card before it physically arrives?

Before the card arrives in the mail you can begin using it through your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet. This way you can make purchases with your smartphone at merchants who support this payment method. You can learn more about how to use your card digitally.

Why didn't I receive my card within the estimated timeframe?

Simply double-check the estimated delivery date in the home screen of the N26 app or web app. If the estimated delivery date has been exceeded, please contact us via live chat from within the app or web app.