How to reorder a card?

If you are already waiting for a card, please wait until the estimated delivery time has elapsed. You can check it on the home screen of your mobile app.

You can request a new card in case yours is lost, broken, stolen or if there is a problem with the sending of your first card (new tab).

If you need to reorder a card, please check your shipping details: Personal Details > Addresses > Shipping address.

  • It must be a residential address (business addresses are not accepted).
  • Your name must be on the mailbox (If a different name is on the mailbox, please add it to the additional address info in your mobile app).
  • Enter your postal code without any spaces.
  • If applicable, add your building number, stairwell number and door code to the additional address info in your mobile app.
  • If your address contains special characters then please contact our customer service from within the app.
  • If you are moving soon then consider the express delivery option and make sure to select the country and address where you will be moving.

If your very first N26 card did not arrive within the estimated timeframe then please open a live chat from within the mobile or web app and we will help you from there.

If you had an activated card before, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Home Screen and then Cards
  2. From your list of cards, swipe until you see the card you wish to reorder.
  3. Then tap Card Settings
  4. Finally, select Reorder

How can I reorder my virtual card?

  1. From the Home screen select Cards.
  2. From your list of cards, swipe until you see the virtual card
  3. Tap Card Settings and select Delete virtual card
  4. Go back to the Cards section
  5. Select Get an additional card and then Virtual
  6. Finally, tap on Choose

Use your card before it physically arrives:

Before your N26 card even arrives in the mail, you can begin using it through your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet. This way you can make purchases with your smartphone at merchants that support this payment method. Learn more about this option in our dedicated article (new tab).

How much does it cost to reorder my card?

Standard delivery:

  • N26 Standard, N26 Smart and N26 You cards: 10€
  • N26 Metal cards: 45€

Express Delivery:

  • N26 Standard and N26 You cards: 30€
  • N26 Metal: 65€

Please note: If you're waiting for your first card and your shipping address is correct then please contact our customer service.