How to get a loan?

Applies to Germany and France

With N26 Credit, you‌ can request a personal loan ranging from €1000 to €50000, with a repayment period of up to 72 months. This financial product is available in Germany through N26 and in France through our partner, Younited Credit.

For Younited Credit, you'll receive a referral link that will take you from the app to continue the process with Younited.

  • Request a loan at any time directly in the app into the Explore section then N26 Financial Products : We’ll ask you a few questions about the loan and your creditworthiness (you’ll need to provide additional online banking information for your main account if you’ve used N26 for less than 6 months).
  • Prove your identity: We’ll need to see your ID card or passport in Germany and possibly your proof of residence (in the form of a utility bill or similar). And if you’re a non-EU citizen, you’ll need to send us a photo of your residency permit.
  • Edit your answers during the application process: Once you’re happy with your loan application, send it to us in real-time and we’ll make you a binding offer that you can delete or accept. Otherwise applications expire in 90 days and you won’t be able to request another loan during that time.
  • Confirm your loan: If you accept our offer, you’ll either have to sign the contract electronically through a video call or confirm via SMS message.
  • Receive a push message as soon as the payment has been made: In Germany, the loan amount will be credited to your N26 account within 5-7 working days. In France, payouts take a week.

We offer interest rates between 1.99% and 19% p.a. Apart from the interest, there are no other charges. However, if you change your plan or are in default of your monthly payments, additional fees may apply.

For more information, see the N26 Credit T&Cs (new tab).