What are the benefits of N26 You?

  • A physical N26 Mastercard for free: Choose between five new colors when ordering the card: Rhubarb, Ocean, Sand, Aqua, and Slate.
  • Extra virtual card: Order an extra virtual card for free in the app!
  • Extra physical card: Order an extra, physical N26 YOU card for a one-off fee of 10€ through your N26 app.
  • Spaces: 10 additional Spaces (subaccounts) to organise your finances.
  • Shared Spaces: Invite friends to your Spaces (subaccounts) to share and manage funds together.
  • Dedicated phone support: Contact our dedicated customer support hotline if you have any questions. 
  • Free ATM withdrawals worldwide: Pay with your N26 Metal Mastercard online and in stores, avoid hidden fees and benefit from zero foreign transaction fees around the globe. You can also withdraw cash for free in any currency from ATMs worldwide.
  • Exclusive partner offers: Enjoy premium partner offers and discounts with world-class brands
  • Insurance package by Allianz Global Assistance*: Insurance which includes a broad range of personal and financial benefits such as:
  • New personal liability while travelling coverage up to 500.000€ , in case you’re legally liable for damage to a third party or their property during a trip.
  • Baggage DelayInsurance for the costs of first necessity items purchased when checked-in luggage arrives after more than a 4 hour delay.
  • Baggage Loss, Theft or Damage  for the theft, loss or damage (total or partial) of the Beneficiary’s Luggage 
  • Travel Delay Reimbursement of additional expenses incurred as a result of a transportation delay or missed departure during a trip
  • Trip Cancellation Reimbursement of non- refundable trip costs, cancellations fees, and rebooking fees in case of a trip cancellation
  • Trip Interruption Reimbursement of unused non-refundable trip costs in case of a trip interruption
    • Early return Reimbursement of the additional transportation costs to return to your country of residence early or to continue your trip.
    • Onward Journey Reimbursement of the cost of necessary additional accommodation
  • Emergencies while travelling that includes:
    • Medical Expenses coverage due to a sudden, unexpected, illness, injury or medical condition
    • Emergency dental expenses for treatment to alleviate pain including simple fillings and repairs to dentures and temporary solutions as well as provisional replacement of teeth following an Accident
    • Medical Repatriation & Transportation for the return transportation at nearest hospital or place of residence due to acute Illness and accidents occurring during a Trip
    • Transport of the mortal remains for repatriation of mortal remains of the Beneficiary in the event of death during a Trip.
    • Sports Accidents for covering the costs of the search or rescue and the costs of the first transportation between the place of the accident and the medical center or possibly the nearest hospital and for medical expenses due to a sudden, unexpected, illness, injury or medical condition

Who is the Beneficiary of the contract?

The account holder who has rights to claim under the collective insurance agreement. 

For the travel covers (Trip cancellation, Trip interruption, Travel delay, Baggage & Baggage delay, Emergency medical & Transportation and Personal liability), 

  • the account holder’s spouse or cohabitant and 
  • children (including the stepchildren, foster children, adopted children or children currently in the adoption process) up to a maximum age of 25 years, if still on education at the time of travel, are considered a beneficiary, when they travel with the account holder. 

The insurance coverage begins at the opening of your N26 You account and ceases when the membership terminates. For further details please refer to the full Conditions for Beneficiaries

Click here to compare the old Allianz Assistance insurance bundle with the new benefits included with N26 You.

What kind of trips are covered?

Any travel or stay further than 100km from beneficiary’s residence or abroad, up to a maximum period of the first 90 consecutive days.

The trip starts when the beneficiary leaves the primary residence (also in case of a trip to multiple countries).

Please keep the following in mind when considering N26 You:

  • The N26 You Mastercard has no embossing: the card details, including the number, CVV code, and 10-digit token are printed on the back.
  • If you upgrade to N26 Business You from N26 Standard or Smart, the monthly fee of €9,90 will be deducted directly from your N26 account every month starting on the date of your upgrade. 
  • If you’re a new customer that signed up to N26 You, your membership will be active as soon as the first fee was charged. This happens when you topped-up your account to cover the first monthly fee, but at the latest 15 days after you proved your identity. From then on, you’ll be charged your monthly fee on the same date every month.
  • From now on, you can decide whether to pay your Premium fee monthly or in advance for the next 6 months or 1 year of the contract. If you choose the prepayment option, you will benefit from a discount on the monthly cost of your Premium account (Smart / You / Metal), which will be proportional to the billing period you want to pay.
  • Upon signing up, you will find the prepaid billing options and related costs in your N26 app. It's currently not possible to change the billing option for the membership renewal.

*Allianz Global Assistance Europe trade name of AWP P&C S.A. - Dutch branch, and member of the Allianz Group.