How to create a Shared Space?

To create a Shared Space:

  1. Create a Space and tap it in the Spaces overview.
  2. Tap the + icon in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Read the ‘Learn more’ information and tap the ‘Invite new member’ button.
  4. Search and select the contact list for the N26 user you wish to invite. If the person you want to invite has an N26 account but doesn't show up in the contact list, we recommend that you ask them to check if they agreed to be visible to others N26 users via the app, in the My Account section > Settings > Personal Setting > Personal Information.
  5. If needed, enter their full name as we have it listed.
  6. Review the information on the Grant power of attorney page (the legal screen). Once you’ve read and agreed to the T&Cs, tick the box and tap the ‘Accept power of attorney’ button.
  7. Enter your Confirmation PIN.
  8. Tap on the relevant participant in the list of participants.
  9. Confirm the ‘Send Invite’ push notification on your paired mobile device.

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