How does Spaces work?

Spaces are sub accounts that you can create and personalize. Spaces help you visualize your short- and long-term financial goals by giving you a place to set aside your money and track your progress. You can instantaneously move money between your Spaces accounts as often as you like. This feature is available using our mobile application and WebApp. See below for more information about how to start using Spaces today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

"How can I use Spaces?"

Congratulations on taking the first step toward reaching your financial goals. A step-by-step guide to using Spaces is here (new tab).

"How many Spaces can I create?"

In addition to your main account (or primary space), you can create and delete two additional Spaces sub accounts as often as you’d like.

"How can I see transactions into and out of my Spaces?"

Your primary account statements will include all transactions sent to a Space or received from one. You can download balance statements from the Statistics tab (the bullet point icon in the upper right corner of the mobile application) or from the main page of the Webapp. You can also see balance statements for each individual Space by clicking on the Settings tab (the gear icon in the upper right corner of the mobile application.)

"How" long does it take to transfer the money between Spaces?

No time at all! Once the amount is confirmed, the balance is updated instantaneously.

"How do I lock a Space?"

Locking a Space is a great way to ensure that you are not moving funds out of it and thereby staying on track to reach your financial goals. 

To Lock/Unlock the Space:

  1. Go to your Space.
  2. Tap on Settings (the gear icon) in the top right corner.
  3. Select Lock/Unlock space (in the WebApp, Lock space)
  4. Enter your Confirmation PIN. 

"How do I move money into a Space?"

You can move money into a Space by tapping (or clicking) and holding down on your primary account, and then dragging across into your Space. You can also add a reference text of your choice. Once the amount is confirmed, the balance is updated right away. You can also set up automatic transfers into a Space by using our Rules for Spaces feature!

"Can I move money into a locked Space?"

Yes, funds can be deposited into a locked Space. Please note that if you need to withdraw money from a locked Space, you will need to unlock it first.

"Is the money in my Space visible in my Main Account balance?"

Yes, but if you want to keep the balance in your Space separate from the balance in your Main Account, you can hide the Space balance. To hide a Space balance:

  1. Go to the Space in the mobile application or WebApp. 
  2. Tap on Settings (the gear icon) in the top right corner.
  3. Tap or click on Hide space balance

"What is Round-Up Savings?"

Round-Up Savings is a powerful tool to help you reach your financial goals. Find out more about this feature here!

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