What are Spaces?

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Create Spaces to help you organise your finances! Spaces are subaccounts which you can personalise to meet your needs! Here are the basics:

  • You can create and delete additional Spaces as often as you’d like. You can have up to 10 additional Spaces at a time. 
  • Move money via drag and drop! Tap down on your main account, and drag and drop the money to your Spaces. Enter your confirmation PIN et voilà: transfers between Spaces are instant!
  • Set a Savings goal for each Space. You can do so either when creating the Space or in the settings of that Space in the top right corner.
  • Lock and unlock your Space at any time with your confirmation PIN! So long as your Space is locked, you can still transfer money to it, but not from it. Unlock your Space again when you want to withdraw money from it. 
  • You’re free to hide a Space balance from the balance of your main account at any time! To do so, open your Space and tap the settings icon at the top right corner.
  • Download balance statements for your Spaces. Simply open the settings of that Space in the top right corner.
  • You can reorder your Spaces in whatever order you prefer!

What more can I do with my Spaces?


  • Only your N26 main account can be negative (if you are eligible for an overdraft). Spaces cannot be negative, meaning you can only transfer what is available in your Space.