What's a p-account?

A p-account is a legal protection against garnishments which can be applied to any account type that we offer. If you have a German IBAN you are generally entitled to convert your N26 account to a p-account. This means that in case you have an active garnishment, you'll have a monthly allowance of normally €1.410 which remains accessible to you and inaccessible to the creditor on a per month basis. An active alimony garnishment can decrease that amount. Please note, however, that we need to report the conversion of your account into p-account to SCHUFA AG.

You may decide to convert your N26 account to a p-account in case your N26 account has been garnished. Please note that in this case we are obligated by law to seize your account. You will simultaneously receive a detailed in-app message from us to your Messages with N26 with all information regarding your garnishment and the options available to you. We encourage you to read it carefully so you are also informed about your other options, before making a decision.

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