What is a N26 Business Account?

N26 Business is a simple and affordable solution for all your daily financial business needs. The N26 Business account is a safe and intuitive digital business current account that you can sign up to in minutes. It is beautifully simple, transparent and free*; allowing you to receive payments from clients, send money and spend confidently while keeping your business finances completely separate from your personal ones.

Our business accounts are designed for self-employed and freelancers doing business under their own name (meaning you can’t have our company name on your account or card). It is currently not possible to switch from personal to business accounts, so make sure that this account is right for you before opening.

What are the benefits of a N26 Business Account?

Our N26 Business account comes with the following benefits and features:

  • Free* business account: N26 Business is free to open online with no account management fees (*after a balance of €50,000 or higher a deposit fee (new tab) may apply).
  • Virtual card: The account comes with a free virtual card intended for business use only. The virtual card has a full PAN number and is ready to add to your Apple or Google wallets for online and in-store purchases. You can also use contactless-enabled ATMs to withdraw money with Apple or Google pay.
  • Physical N26 Mastercard: For an additional €10, you can receive a physical N26 Mastercard for business use (please note, you will need to have at least €10 available in your account to trigger card production and shipment).
  • Maestro card: If you also need a card for private expenses then customers with DE, AT and NL T&C’s, can order a Maestro card for an additional €10.
  • Payments & Transfers: You can send and receive SEPA transfers using your N26 mobile app. Additionally, you can send money instantly to other N26 customers using Moneybeam. Unlike other accounts, transfers in foreign currencies aren’t possible with N26 Business within the app. You can visit Wise (new tab) for this.
  • Business cashback: You receive 0.1% cashback every month on all payments made using the card.

Please note that business-to-business (B2B) payments are not supported with a N26 Business account.