Deposit fee

From July 2022, we have decided to no longer collect this fee

For every N26 account (except N26 You, N26 Business You, N26 Metal and N26 Business Metal) opened on or after 19.10.2020, and exceeding a balance of 50.000€, a 0,5% deposit fee per year applies, as was outlined in your terms and conditions during the account sign up process. 

Please find here the related terms and conditions.

The deposit fee will be calculated by tracking the balance of your account on a daily basis, for each day of the month. Every day that your balance exceeds the threshold of 50.000€, a 0,5% per annum fee will be applied to the excess of the account balance. 

The fee will be charged directly from your account at the beginning of each month for the previous 30 days. 

If your account balance might exceed the above mentioned threshold, and you don’t want to incur this fee, there are two ways that you can prevent yourself from being charged: