How to make transfers in foreign currencies?

We have partnered with Wise to make foreign currency transfers easy. Wise offers real-time exchange rates and no hidden fees. For N26 Business, Business You or Business Metal, foreign currency transfers in the app are not possible, nor are transfers to businesses.

Wise has its own transfer types and fees but this will all be indicated before you confirm the transfer. For detailed information about eligible recipients, please check Wise's available currencies (new tab).

How to make a foreign currency transfer?

  1. From the home screen choose Send Money
  2. Next, tap the + icon at the top right corner and select Foreign Currency Transfer
  3. Select the desired currency and enter the amount you would like to send in € (it will automatically convert into the foreign currency below)
  4. After that, add a new recipient or select an existing one
  5. Finalize the transfer with your Confirmation PIN

If we don’t currently offer the foreign currency (new tab) you need, please visit Wise (new tab) for more currency options.

How to access my Wise account for the first time?

  1. Go to the Wise (new tab)website and go to the login page.
  2. Enter your N26 account email and select 'Forgot password?'.
  3. You’ll receive an email from Wise to change your password and then you can use both log in details to perform the transfer from there.

Please note that in order for this process to work, you need to create a Wise profile via the N26 app first, meaning that you need to try to go through the in-app foreign currency transfer flow. Otherwise you won't receive an email from Wise to reset the password.

Wise supports transfers in a country's primary currency only. This means, for example, that no USD transactions can be processed to India.