Why is N26 secure?

To protect your account, we use a three-layered security architecture:

  • Secure login. Your login details of both the mobile and WebApp consist of a username and password or fingerprint/face recognition (depending on your smartphone). Please choose a secure password and don’t reveal your login details to anyone.
  • Confirmation PIN. This 4-digit code is required every time you make a transfer or connect/disconnect your phone. You first set it up once you have successfully connected your smartphone to your account. You can then change it in the app yourself after that.
  • Push messages. For every incoming and outgoing payment, a push message will be sent to your connected smartphone. It's also used to confirm and finalize your transactions. We've also added 3D Secure to protect you from online card fraud.

Every time you contact us we’ll ask you some security questions to make sure it's really you. But we’ll never ask for your debit card number, card verification code (CVV), password, or your card or Confirmation PINs.

We’ve also taken steps to protect your data: we store as little information about you as possible, only for as long as we are legally obligated to, and we delete data when it is no longer required for a product or service. You can download your personal data up to 6 months after you close your account. Find more information in our Privacy Policy.