Round-Up Savings

If you are looking for a simple way to start saving money, Round-Up is a great option. 

Round-Up Savings rounds up each card transaction you make and deposits the difference into a Space of your choice. 

This means that the coffee you bought for $2.75 will be rounded up to $3.00 and the .25 difference will be automatically deposited into one of your Spaces. Not saving fast enough? You can use the Round-Up Multiplier feature to accelerate your savings 2-5 times!

Enabling Round-Up is quick and easy, just log into the N26 mobile application or Webapp:

  1. Go to Spaces.
  2. Select the Space that you want the Round-Up to go into.
  3. Tap/Click on Manage--> Manage round-ups.
  4. Set the Manage round-ups toggle to green.
  5. Choose your multiplier, then tap/click on Confirm.
  6. Start saving with your next N26 debit card purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions:

"Will Round-Up put me into overdraft?"

Nope! If you don't have sufficient funds in your account balance to cover the Round-Up, it will not occur.

"Can I have more than one Round-Up?"

At this time, you can only have one Round-Up going into one active account at a time.

"What happens if I close a Space that has Round-Ups going into it?"

If you close a Space then the Round-Up going into it will be disabled. 

"Will the Round-Up happen immediately?"

No. The Round-Up will only happen once the transaction is fully settled. Consequently, the timing of the Round-Up may vary.