How to top up my account?

You can top up your account as soon as you're verified, in 3 ways: CASH26 (in Germany, Austria, and Italy), via SEPA transfer (all regions) or by requesting money from a friend via Moneybeam.

To make a transfer, it must be in EUR and within SEPA. You’ll just need to provide your IBAN and your name as it’s written on the ID you used to create your account. You should also know that:

  • For the transfer details, make sure the recipient’s name is your name as it’s written on the identity document you used to prove your identity (especially if you have an N26 Business account – we don’t accept company names).

  • In France, your first transfer can only be sent from another one of your accounts. For all other regions, you can use any other bank account to make the transfer (it doesn’t have to be under your name).

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