Why did my SEPA transfer fail?

  • To receive a transfer, you'll need to provide the sender with your full name (as it's written on the ID you provided for verification) and your IBAN. You can find your IBAN on your balance statements and in 👤 My Account (in the mobile app or WebApp).
  • The recipient's name on the transfer order is different from the name on their account (must be their name as written on their ID).
  • The recipient's name is a company name instead of a personal/account name (applies to N26 Business).
  • The IBAN is incorrect.
  • You're not receiving the push message to confirm your transfer.
  • An inappropriate use was found. N26 has the responsibility to run routine checks on transactions (see GwG § 10). As a result, we may ask for documentation to verify the origin or source of these transactions. This can result in the credit being delayed or not taking place.
  • For SWIFT transfers, if the BIC field of the issuing bank is left empty, the transfer will be rejected.

Supported incoming transfers

  • SEPA transfers
  • SEPA Instant transfer
  • International money transfers converted to Euros through a currency exchange provider
  • SWIFT transfers

Supported outgoing transfers

  • SEPA transfers
  • SEPA Instant transfer
  • Foreign currency transfers

Please note the estimated time frames for the various transfer types.