What to do if I can't repay my overdraft or loan?

We offer repayment plans if you can’t repay your overdraft. This could happen because your overdraft was cancelled or you need more than two months to repay your negative amount.

Please note we can't offer you a repayment plan if your account is already closed.

If you’re ready to pay back your Overdraft, and no longer need it, you can now pay it back in easy instalments.

Look out for an infocard in the app if you have used more than 75% of your overdraft limit. We'll ask you three simple questions, and offer you a personalized plan. If you decide to take out a plan, your Overdraft will be cancelled, but you can apply for it again once you’ve finished repaying the overdraft amount.

  • Customers need to have already used 75% of their overdraft limit and the amount in negative balance needs to be higher than 100 €.
  • Customers in dunning can also apply until the 60th day of dunning.
  • Customers needs to have German T&C

By the way: your account will be closed if it’s negative for an extended period of time. All closure dates are final unless you pay back your loan before this date. If not, your debt will go to a collection agency.

The above only applies to loans with N26. For auxmoney (+49 211 737 100 020) or Younited Credit (+33 1 78 42 53 99) loans, please contact the appropriate partner directly.