Is N26 Closing All US Accounts?

Is N26 closing all US accounts? 

N26 has made the decision to sharpen its focus on its European business and will no longer be available to customers in the US after January 18th, 2022.  

What will happen next?

US customers have been sent a formal notification email to the email address connected to their account. This notification gives notice of account closure date alongside detailed next steps about how to withdraw funds from the account and how we will ensure that money is safely returned to account holders. 

In the meantime, all account and app functionality will continue to work, so customers can still spend or withdraw the money in their account until it is closed. All Axos Bank® sponsored US N26 accounts will continue to receive FDIC insurance protection on a pass-through basis up to the applicable legal limit until they are closed.

No other markets in which N26 operates are impacted. 

How do I withdraw my money from my account?

If you have money in your account (including in Spaces), please consider the following ways that you can withdraw money out of the account:

  • Provide your N26 account number and routing number to your alternative bank and, from your alternative bank, request an debit ACH transfer out of your N26 account 
  • Withdraw cash for free from your account at over 55,000 Allpoint® ATM locations (new tab).Alternatively, you can withdraw cash from any ATM where Visa or Plus is accepted, (fees and surcharges may apply). Please be aware that there is a $1,500 daily withdrawal limit
  • Spend the money normally using your debit card or Apple/Google Pay until January 18th, 2022.
  • Contact N26 customer support via live chat or phone and provide your alternative bank account number and routing number, so we can assist you with closing your N26 account and sending your remaining funds via ACH transfer.

What other actions do I need to take?

In addition to transferring your money prior to your account being closed on January 18th, 2022, please consider these key actions you may want to take:

  • If you have direct deposit or any recurring payment set up for your N26 account, please contact your employer or the merchant to update the account information to an alternative bank account.
  • If you have money in your Spaces, please move it to your main account to ensure that all money is withdrawn before your account is closed. 
  • If you have Round-Up rules or scheduled external bank transfers on your account, please cancel them before your account is closed.

What happens after January 18th, 2022?

All US N26 accounts will be closed on January 18th, 2022. If you do not take any action before January 18th, 2022 and still have money in your account, we will issue a paper check to the address we have on file with your remaining account balance. Please allow at least 14 business days for the check to be processed and mailed out.

Will I still be able to access my app and transaction details once the account is closed?

No. Once we close the account you will not be able to log into the N26 app or directly access historic account information. We advise you to (new tab)download your account statement before the account is closed.

Will you keep my data even though you have closed my account?

US laws and regulations require that certain data be retained for a period of time after account closure.  

I have another question - how can I speak to customer service?

Please contact us via email at (new tab)