Frequently asked questions about the p-account

What does a p-account cost?

The conversion to a p-account is free of charge and doesn't entail additional monthly fees. Already existing fees, such as account usage and premium subscription fees, will still apply.

How can I increase my monthly allowance?

In order to increase the basic allowance of your p-account, we’ll need a completed certificate from an authority or appropriate body under §903 (1), §902 and §904 Code of Civil Procedure. This also applies to a one-time increase (e.g. for forwarding a rent deposit loan). You can get this certificate issued from the following authorities:

  • Your employer
  • The institution making payment of the child benefits (Familienkasse)
  • A nonprofit debtor and insolvency advisory body
  • The job center
  • Lawyers

Please send us the original certificate by post to:

N26 Bank AG Claims Voltairestraße 8 10179 Berlin Germany

How can I convert my p-account back to my normal account?

In order to convert your p-account back to your normal account you can send us an email from your registered email address to with the following information:

  • Your first name and surname
  • Your N26 IBAN
  • Confirm that you want to convert your p-account to your normal account.

In case you still have an active garnishment, please be aware that your account will be seized immediately and your funds transferred to the creditor.

What is the legal p-account allowance?

The legal p-account allowance is €1.410.

If you don’t spend your entire allowance, your unspent allowance will automatically be transferred to the next month for up to 3 months in total.

If you receive funds on your N26 account in a given month, your unspent allowance from the previous month will be added on top of the new funds (but max. 1410€). So if you have a monthly income of 1410€ or higher and you don’t spend all of it, your allowance can accumulate to up to 3 x 1410€ = 4230€.

If you don’t receive any funds on your N26 account in a given month, your allowance is equal to the unspent allowance from the previous month. If you’ve spent your entire allowance and don’t receive any funds in the next month you won’t have any allowance left.

You can check your current allowance at any time in the N26 app under: My Account > P-Account status