How to connect or disconnect my smartphone to my account?

In order to use your N26 account, you need a smartphone : either an iPhone (5s or newer, at least iOS 11) or an Android (6.0 or newer - we do not support the customized versions of Amazon Fire and Oxygen OS). Only one device can be connected per account.

You'll need to connect and/or disconnect your smartphone when you first create an account or if you get a new phone number or device.

To connect your smartphone to your account, simply start the app on your smartphone. You will be asked to confirm your mobile phone number.

Enter the 4-digit code we send you via SMS and your phone is connected.

If you want to connect a new device, you must disconnect your old device for security reasons. You can do this in 👤 My Account (mobile app) or in the Web app(new tab) under 👤 My Account then Security Settings if you don’t have access to your smartphone anymore. You’ll receive an email from us with further instructions.

If you log into your N26 account with a new device, you'll receive two codes a Login SMS code with 6 digits and Pairing SMS code with 4 digits. You'll need the Login code to access your account and the Pairing code for pairing your device.