What if my balance is negative?

Your balance can be negative as long as you’re within your Overdraft limit.

If you have a negative account balance, you'll be charged an overdraft interest rate of 8.9%.

Otherwise, you’ll receive an email to notify you that the authorized limit of your account has been exceeded. This means you don’t have enough funds on your account to cover future charges.

Even if you haven’t used your account since you opened it, certain charges still apply (such as N26 You or N26 Metal monthly fees or express delivery costs) and have resulted in a negative balance.

So you’ll need to top up your account via SEPA transfer (choose international transfer if you’re making the transfer outside of Germany) or CASH26 (if you’re in Germany or Austria). Your account will remain active for the next 60 days without doing so. At that point:

  • You’ll receive two additional reminders (each cost €3).
  • If you have an Overdraft: it’ll be cancelled after the second reminder and you’ll have to repay that amount immediately (or you can set up a repayment plan).
  • If you have an N26 You, N26 Metal, or N26 Business You account: all benefits will be cancelled after 60 days and your account will turn into a standard one.
  • If you don’t respond after 60 days, we may close your account.