What if my balance is negative?

If you have an overdraft, your balance can be negative as long as you stay within your overdraft limit.

Your balance can also become negative if you have to pay N26 fees, e.g., for our express delivery or our premium memberships. 

Furthermore, your balance can become negative if an offline card payment is received and needs to be debited. These could be, for instance, payments made on aircraft or ships, which were not taken from your balance at the time of payment authorization but must still be debited. 

In accordance with our terms and conditions, you are obligated to balance your account. You will receive a reminder via email and we ask that you balance your account as quickly as possible. You cannot make any further payments or withdrawals while your balance is negative.

What happens if my balance remains negative?

Your account will remain active for 60 days from the date your balance becomes negative. During this period:

  • You will receive two reminders.
  • If you have an overdraft, it will be canceled after the second reminder and you will have to repay the amount immediately (or you can apply for a repayment plan).
  • If you have an N26 You, N26 Metal or N26 Business You account, all services will be canceled after 60 days and your account will be converted into a standard account.
  • Once this 60-day period has passed, we are entitled to close your account if you have still not taken action to rectify your negative balance.