How to keep track of my daily spending?

We automatically sort your transactions and display our findings in Insights (top-right corner of the mobile app) by sorting your:

  • Categories: We collect information on retailers and payment reasons in order to improve our categorization (such as ATM, Food & Groceries, or Shopping). For example, if you send a MoneyBeam with the reference text Lunch, we’ll put it in the Bars & Restaurants category. If you feel like a category doesn’t fit, you can just change it by selecting the transaction and choosing a category from the drop-down list.
  • Hashtags: We’ve also added default hashtags for transaction times (#weekend), types of transactions (#books), or locations of purchases (#berlin). You can further sort your transactions by adding your own hashtags: tap on a transaction and then the pencil icon to add tags (such as #portugal_trip or #everymonth) or remove unwanted tags.