Bank documents—a guide to what's available

N26 is called The Mobile Bank for a reason—you can download your balance statement, account confirmation and other bank documents automatically. The following bank documents are official documents and they’re perfectly valid without a signature. Let's find out a little more about them:

  • Your bank statement is a document that reflects your total balance and every incoming and outgoing transaction in your N26 bank account, including your full name, IBAN and BIC. Here’s how you can download it.
  • Your bank information, aka Account confirmation is a document that confirms the bank account registered at your name. It includes your full name, date of birth, account IBAN and BIC, date of the account opening and—if you wish—it can also include your current account balance and card number (partially hidden). Here’s how you can request it.
  • The statement of fees is a document that reports all the bank fees you’ve been charged at N26 in the past year.
    • In the WebApp: click on the download* icon, go to Statement of fees, choose whether you need a report of the past 6 or 12 months and click on Request. You’ll receive a PDF in your Messages inbox within 24 hours.
  • The Transfer confirmation is a document that confirms that a transfer has been made from your N26 account. It includes your full name, address (as registered in your N26 account), IBAN and BIC, transfer amount, date, reference text, and the recipient’s full name, IBAN and BIC.
    • In the mobile and WebApp: from the Home screen, choose the transfer and select Transfer confirmation—the PDF will be automatically generated.
  • The card payment confirmation has the purpose to confirm that a payment has been made using your N26 Mastercard, you can provide the bank statement of the corresponding month.
  • RIB (Relevé d'Identité Bancaire in French) is a document containing your main bank information—full name, legal address, IBAN and BIC—specific for the French authorities.

* The download icon is the square with an arrow pointing down, placed on the left of the ‘Add money’ button.