How to download my Statement of Fees

The Statement of Fees is part of the Payment Accounts EU Directive that provides banking customers the ability to access an overview of their past fees.

A Statement of Fees is available at any given time for all of our current customers.

For current customers, login to the webapp (new tab), then click on the download icon and scroll down to 'Statement of Fees'. Select 'Request' and you’ll receive an email to your registered email address (can take around 5 minutes). From there simply follow the instructions to download your Statement of Fees.

For former customers, you can download this statement up to 6 months after closing your account, using the following form (new tab).

You will need the following information:

  • the first and last name, personal ID number, and expiration date of the identification document (national ID card or passport) you used to verify the account
  • the registered email address of the account
  • the date (month and year) you created and closed your account (please check your verification email).

You will be asked to create a temporary password to use for the link we send to your registered email address. This link is only valid for 24 hours. And please note that if the password is entered incorrectly five times, the link will become invalid and you will need to create a new export request.

* For Business accounts cash back amounts will not be shown