How does Spaces work?

Set goals, create and personalize Spaces, and transfer money between them instantly. Spaces is available in the mobile and WebApp(new tab).

  • In addition to your main account (or primary space), you can create and delete additional Spaces as often as you’d like but the number of active Spaces at any one time depends on your account type: 2 additional Spaces with an N26 or N26 Business account or up to 10 additional Spaces with N26 You and N26 Metal.

  • Your primary account statements will include all transactions sent to a space or received from one. You can download balance statements from the confirmation page.

  • Only your primary space can be negative (if you are eligible for an overdraft). All other balances in Spaces cannot be negative, meaning you can only transfer what is available in a particular space.

  • You can only use the balance from your primary space toward your Mastercard transactions. So consider transferring money before making a purchase if needed.

  • Move money from one space to another by holding down on your Main Account and dragging and dropping into your space. Once the amount is confirmed the balance is updated right away.

  • You can lock and unlock a space at anytime from your mobile and web app. You'll only need to confirm with your confirmation PIN. If a space is locked, you’ll still be able to transfer money to it. If you need to withdraw money from a locked space, you need first to unlock it.

  • You'll be able to hide the amount within the Space from your account's total balance. Just go into your Space, tap the three dots in the top right corner and select ‘Hide space balance’.

Recently we implemented a new feature for the WebApp called Rules. Here is what you need to know:

  • You can now create automated rules to easily save money and organise your finances. When you process a Spaces transfer just activate the option to repeat this transfer.

  • To delete a rule click on the 3 dots indicating the settings. From there you’ll see all the active rules. Clicking on the trashcan icon will delete the rule.

  • If you need to change a rule you can simply delete it from the settings of the Space you created the rule in, and create a new one.

Please note that, if you have an activated Overdraft, a Rule will still be processed automatically even if your balance is negative.

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