How to use Round-Ups?

Round-Ups are a great and easy way to save money. Enabling Round-Ups will round up any card payment and automatically transfer the difference to a Space of your choosing! You can also apply a multiplier to the Round-Up!

  1. In the  home screen, tap Finances
  2. Select the Space for your Round-Ups
  3. Tap Manage
  4. Tap Round-Ups
  5. Toggle the switch to enable or disable the feature
  6. Once enabled, select a multiplier
  7. Tap Confirm

For example: If you buy a book for € 9.75 the Round-Up will be € 0.25. If you applied an x3  multiplier, € 0.75 will automatically be transferred to your Space. You can choose a x1, x2, x3, or x5 multiplier.

Good to know about Round-Ups:

  • Round-Ups can only be applied to one Space at a time
  • Once Round-Ups are enabled for a Space, they apply to all payments made with all your N26 cards (in case you have multiple cards).
  • Round-Ups will never put you into overdraft. If you don't have sufficient balance to cover the Round-Up, the Round-Up will not take place.
  • If a purchase is a round number like €1, no Round-Up will be applied.
  • A Round-Up is reversed if the underlying card transaction is being reversed.
  • Round-Ups can only move money from the Main Account to a Space.

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