What are Shared Spaces?

Shared Spaces are a new way for N26 customers to organize their money together. Shared Spaces can be used for anything from splitting bills, to planning a vacation or organizing a birthday gift for a friend or relative.

  • Shared Spaces can only be created by N26 premium customers (N26 Smart, -YOU, -Metal + Business Smart, - YOU, - Metal).
  • The creator of the Shared Space is the owner.
  • Only the owner can invite other N26 customers to share the Space with.
  • Up to 10 participants can be invited to a Shared Space.
  • If the invited customer accepts the invitation, they become a participant of that Space.
  • Participants are free to transfer funds to or from the Shared Space at any time.
  • Participants can leave the Shared Space at any time.
  • The owner can also remove any participant at any time.
  • The creator of the Shared Space is the legal owner of the money (so long as it's) located in the Shared Space.
  • All N26 customers can become participants of Shared Spaces regardless of their account type.

As you invite participants to your Shared Space, you're granting them a power of attorney for that Space. On that basis you've authorized them to transfer funds to and from that Space, so long as they're a participant. 

Learn how to:

Your Spaces include even more:

  • Set standing orders between your Spaces (including main account) with Rules.
  • Automatically funnel any proportion of your incoming transfers to your Spaces with the Income Sorter.
  • Automatically round up any card payment and transfer the difference to your Space with Round-Ups.


  • IBANs, Cards & Shared Spaces: It's NOT possible to assign a card or an IBAN to Shared Spaces. It's therefore also not possible to share Spaces which have an IBAN or card assigned to them.
  • Note for customers with an Italian IBAN: N26 Standard & Business Standard customers can only participate in up to 2 Shared Spaces at any given moment.