How to create Shared Spaces?

The way to create a Shared Space is simply to invite somebody to join that Space. You can invite a participant when creating a new Space or invite them to an existing Space.

How to invite a participant when creating a new Space:

  1. In the home screen, tap Finances
  2. Tap New Space
  3. Select the Sharing Money option
  4. Enter a name for the new Space
  5. From your contact list, choose who you want to invite as a participant
  6. Read and accept the N26 Shared Spaces Terms of Use
  7. Tap Grant power of attorney

How to invite a participant to an existing Space:

  1. Select an already existing Space in the Finances tab
  2. Tap the Invite-icon at the top right or select Invite a new participant in the Spaces settings
  3. Read and accept the N26 Shared Spaces Terms of Use
  4. Tap Grant power of attorney

Learn more about Shared Spaces:


  • IBANs, Cards & Shared Spaces: It's NOT possible to assign a card or an IBAN to Shared Spaces. It's therefore also not possible to share Spaces which have an IBAN or card assigned to them.
  • ​​Note for customers with an Italian IBAN: N26 Standard & Business Standard customers can only participate in up to 2 Shared Spaces at any given moment.
  • The owner can only invite people who are in their contact list, have an N26 account and are marked as visible to other N26 users within their account settings.
  • If the participant's name in the owner’s contact list does not match the participants N26 account name, then the owner will need to fill in the full name of the participant when adding them.
  • You’ll need to have enough free Space(s) to accept an invitation to a Shared Space. If not, you can only proceed if you delete other Space(s) to free up … Space.
  • You must also not have any open Spaces with the same name or image as the Shared Space. You can only accept the invitation to join a Shared Space once you change the name/image of the other Space(s).