Why do I need to update my personal information?

As a fully-licensed bank, N26 is legally obliged to comply with the general customer due diligence obligations. This includes the obligation to keep customer information up-to-date at all times as well as to consider any specific information resulting from professional or financial circumstances of a customer in order to assess possible risks. We ask for your understanding that we can only fulfil our regulatory obligations according to the Law 10/2010, of April 28, on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing and Royal Decree 304/2014, of May 5, which approves the Rulebook of the Law 10/2010, of April 28, on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism which among other customers due diligence, oblige banks to perform a periodic review of information from customers to ensure certain information is up to date.

As part of due diligence obligations, N26 is responsible for ensuring that customer information is kept up to date throughout the business relationship, as well as considering any specific information derived from a customer's professional or financial circumstances, in order to assess potential risks to our entity.

Please note that this is a regulatory requirement which applies generally (to all customers) and periodically, as a customer's personal information changes over time as a consequence of, for instance, a change of residence, or your professional activity.

How can I update my personal information?

Once you have received our message informing you about the request to update your personal data, you will receive an invitation to start this process by logging into your N26 app. It will only take a few minutes!

Before you start the process, please make sure you have successfully updated to the latest version of the N26 app. Updating your personal information is only possible via the app on your mobile device (but not from the web app).

What information do I need to update?

The data you will need to update includes your:

  • Personal Data:

We will ask you to review the identification and contact information we have about you to be sure that it has not changed and if we need to contact you, we have the correct address. It will be enough to simply confirm them in case they have not changed. 

Otherwise, our customer service agents will help you update this information. Please contact them once you have started the process by tapping 'Check your personal information' > 'Update my information' > Yes, open support chat.

The procedures and documents required to update this information can be found in this article.

  • Tax information

According to the CRS (Common Reporting Standard) N26 is obliged to provide tax authorities with information about its customers' financial accounts. 

Also, like any other bank, we are required to report on financial accounts of U.S. taxpayers or foreign entities in which U.S. taxpayers have significant ownership interests under FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), the U.S. Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

If you are tax liable in more than one country, please add them in financial section of the N26 app (your initials → Personal details → Tax info → Add new tax country).

  • Address (Residencia): 

We will ask you to confirm or update your residence address in case it has changed.

The address provided must be valid. In case our validation system does not identify it, you will have to communicate via support chat, mentioning that the address cannot be recognized, even though it is the correct one. In that case, an agent will help you to solve it manually. In addition, the Legal Address can only be updated within the limits of the Spanish territory, since as we informed in our terms and conditions, the bank only offers accounts to people residing in Spain.

  • Additional Information:

The questions included in the additional information section are part of the due diligence requirements, specifically focused on the "Know Your Customer", which the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism framework requires us to collect. 

In this regard, as the profile of a customer could change over time as a result, for instance, of changes in economic activity, purpose of account ownership with N26 (daily use account, occasional travel account...), the need to update this information after a certain period of time is a routine process.

What happens if I don't update my information?

Please note that keeping customer information up to date is a regulatory requirement that N26 must comply with in order to maintain the business relationship with its customers. This is the reason why not complying with these due diligence obligations prevents us from continuing to offer banking services, in accordance with the aforementioned anti-money laundering and terrorism financing legislation. 

In this sense, upon failure to provide the required information that allows us to comply with our obligations, we will have to restrict the functionality of the account by limiting incoming transfers, outgoing transfers, card use and cash transactions.

However, you will be able to recover the complete functionality of your account by providing the requested information at a later time

What to do if I want to confirm my new details but I keep getting sent to the chatbot.

In this case make sure you are providing the correct documents requested by the chatbot to change your personal information and request to contact an agent so that this change process can be done manually.

Personal data Protection: What will be done with the information collected?

The processing of the requested information is necessary for the compliance of the regulatory obligations to which N26 is committed. 

We store and process personal data for the time necessary to satisfy these obligations and it is subsequently deleted, in accordance with the rights and duties required by data protection regulations

You will find more information in our privacy policy (new tab).