How to keep my banking data safe online?

Whether shopping, banking or managing your inbox, here are some tips to keep you and your data safe in the digital space:

  • Keep your N26 app and mobile OS updated with the latest bug fixes
  • Use fingerprint scanning or facial recognition to log in
  • Create strong passwords with letters, numbers and symbols - and never use the same one across multiple accounts
  • Never post sensitive personal information online via social media platforms
  • Be careful with public or shared WIFI connections - always choose secure WPA2 connections over WEP connections
  • Choose email providers with security and spam filters and two-factor authentication like Gmail and Yahoo!
  • Watch out for offers that are too good to be true - they probably are
  • Shop only at trusted websites of well-known retailers
  • Check that websites are secure - look for the lock by the URL and examine the credentials with a simple click
  • Enable location tracking on your N26 app, so we can spot irregular transactions that may not have been made by you

If you believe your account is compromised in any way, change your password immediately and refer to our article on What to do if my account may be compromised?