How to manage my visibility as an N26 user?

To grant you access to all our in-app features, N26 matches your contact data with other N26 users.

In order to manage your consent to be seen as a N26 user, you can simply go to 👤 My Account in the app and selecting Settings then Personal Settings and Personal information. Then just check or uncheck the box “I agree to be identifiable for other users as N26 customer”.

All of your contacts who have an N26 account set to visible will show up in the in-app contact list. Similarly, you’ll also appear in the list of other N26 customers who have your contact information. Your contact list is not permanently stored by N26 and is only used when accessing the respective N26 feature.

Why do I need to be visible to other N26 users?

You can access to all our in-app features, e.g. MoneyBeam, which carries out real-time transactions without typing in a 22-digit IBAN, but only by selecting a name from your contact list. Vice versa, you can also request money from people in your contact list who then only have to accept (or decline) your request. Also, being visible enables you to use Shared Spaces, a sub-account, which you can share with other N26 users selected from your contact list.