Why didn't an ATM give me cash?

If you go to an ATM that does not dispense the money you attempted to withdraw or you forgot to retrieve your dispensed cash and the amount is still deducted from your account, it is more than likely that the amount deducted from your balance is only an authorization. This means that the amount is blocked or reserved to be debited by the merchant and once the merchant debits the amount this is called a settlement of the transaction.

If your transaction was not successful the authorization normally expires within a matter of hours - or a maximum of 12 working days - and is then automatically credited to your account again (You can see whether a transaction has been settled when it appears on your downloadable monthly statement, not only in your transaction list in the app). This means that if the amount appears on your monthly statement and/or hasn’t been credited back to your account after 12 working days, you can file a chargeback with us.

In the meantime, we suggest you try another ATM from a different operator. This rarely happens twice in a row. You can also check the following steps, incase there is another reason you did not receive the money from the ATM:

  1. Check your card limits in your card settings and make sure ATM withdrawals are active.
  2. Make sure that you personal limits are set higher than the amount you want to withdraw.
  3. Please be aware that you can only withdraw as many funds as you have deposited on your account. Otherwise, if you don’t have an overdraft, the withdrawal will be rejected.
  4. The fixed maximum daily (24 hours rolling) withdrawal amount is 1000€, and the fixed weekly withdrawal limit per week is 2500€. Some ATMs have their own limits in place, so please have a look at this article for more information.