Why can’t I see other N26 users on MoneyBeam?

To carry out real-time transactions such as MoneyBeams, N26 checks your smartphone’s contact list and finds other N26 users based on saved phone number or emails. You’ll know someone has been recognized if there’s a blue dot beside their name.

If you don’t see your friend’s name on MoneyBeam but you know they’re an N26 user, they most likely haven’t made themselves visible. You can also choose whether to make yourself visible or invisible to other N26 users. You can do this by going to 👤 My Account in the app and selecting Account settings then Personal information. Then just check or uncheck the box.

Most MoneyBeam transfers fail between N26 users because there are multiple phone numbers or emails listed in the contact entry of a phone's address book.

  • You’ll know this is the case if your friend doesn’t immediately receive your transfer (by the way: this money will bounce back to your account within a week).

  • To avoid this in the future, find out which email and phone number your friend uses for their N26 account and make sure to send the MoneyBeam to it.

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