How to change my phone number, address, or other personal data?

It’s important to keep your personal data up to date (for example, your phone number is necessary to connect your smartphone or to send and receive MoneyBeams). Here's how you can change your information:

  • Delivery addresspassword, or tax information: You can change this information yourself at any time in the app. Just go to 👤 My Account and select Settings then Personal Settings.
  • Name and sex: Chat with us and send two forms of ID: a copy of your new ID card or passport as well as an official document of the change (a marriage licence or updated birth certificate). We can also re-order a card with your new name once your account has been updated.
  • Nationality: Chat with us and send a copy of your new ID card or passport.
  • Phone number or email address: You’ll need to contact us via chat for this. We need to verify it’s really you changing your information so we can’t change any personal data over email.