PSD2 - Secure Open Banking

What is PSD2?

Payment Services Directive 2 (“PSD2”) is a revised European directive allowing you to access your account information and initiate payments through regulated third-party providers in a safe and secure manner. This means that you can permit regulated Third Party Providers to access your account information through a dedicated interface:

  • You can enable an Account Information Service (AIS) to pull together data from different bank accounts you may have, and then aggregate and manage their details in the same place through certified third-party providers.
  • You can securely pay at the checkout of any website that offers Payment Initiation Services (PIS).

The data exchange is handled in the background via our partner -

How does it work?

If you begin using a third-party payment service like an Account Information Service or a Payment Initiation Service, you’ll be redirected to your N26 app via to confirm the access request.

In our Privacy Policy (new tab) we inform you about the purposes, involved parties and legal bases of the necessary data processing involved to fulfil our obligations as part of the revised European Payment Services Directive.


Why can't I link any Third Party Provider to my account?

If a third party provider has not integrated with our dedicated interface, the third party provider will need to integrate with our dedicated interface via our partner

How can I revoke an individual access permission I have granted to a third party provider?

You need to contact the respective Third Party Provider and revoke the access permission directly with them. 

*applies to all countries in the EEA.