Why isn’t my photo verification working?

ℹ️ Applies to all regions except Germany

Make sure, you've enabled geolocation. Then review the guide we’ve created to help you take the best pictures.

Most photo verifications fail due to bad picture quality.

  • Complete the process in a bright environment and use a phone with a good camera.

  • If you're using an Android, ensure a proper auto focus.

  • Avoid the use of flash.

  • Take your selfie at eye level (the camera should be at the same height as your eyes).

  • Make sure you’re the only person in the photo.

Check your document.

  • We only accept photos of your original ID (photocopies or screenshots are not permitted).

  • Keep your document on a flat surface and make sure your document is fully visible and the information on it is readable.

  • We only accept national IDs and passports (driver’s licenses or residence permits can’t be used).

  • Make sure your document isn't damaged in any way.

If you take a picture of your ID and a selfie and the first attempt doesn’t go through, you can just start over again.

As soon as your verification is complete, we’ll send you your N26 Mastercard. Deliveries take up to 10 days.