What is a Virtual Card?

If you sign up for an N26 Standard account you’ll get a virtual card for free (provided you have a one-time minimum balance of 10€ to activate the card). 

An extra virtual card is ideal for shopping online, giving you added peace of mind when sharing your card details on apps and websites. It's also great for keeping your recurring subscriptions separate from your everyday transactions.

N26 Smart, You and Metal customers have the option to order a virtual card for free in addition to the free physical card they receive along with their premium membership. Good to know: N26 Standard customers have the option to order a physical card for a one-time fee of 10€ (without having to upgrade to a premium membership).

How to order and activate my virtual card?

  1. Log into your account and open the Cards-tab in the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap on ‘Get an additional card’.
  3. Select ‘Virtual’ at the top, then tap ‘Choose’ at the bottom.
  4. Read and agree with the terms and conditions, then tap ‘Generate virtual card’.
  5. Add your virtual card to Apple Pay or Google Pay or skip this step.

How to use my virtual card?

  • Pay in-store using Apple or Google Pay: Link your virtual card to either your Apple or Google Pay depending on your device.
  • Withdraw cash: Once you have linked your virtual card to your Apple or Google wallet you can withdraw cash from ATM machines that are contactless-enabled. You can also use CASH26 to deposit or withdraw cash (DE, AT, IT, ES & GR)
  • Make online purchases: You can view your virtual card details in the app (card number, expiry date and CVV number). To view these details:
    • Login to your N26 mobile app
    • Select ‘cards’
    • Locate your virtual card (swipe left to find your virtual card if you have more than one)
    • Select ‘card details’
    • You will then need to enter your confirmation PIN or use biometric login to view your virtual cards details for 60 seconds

The virtual Mastercard is only available for N26 Standard accounts opened from February 2021 and all N26 Premium accounts beginning from the 9th. of October 2021.