How to add my card to my digital wallet?

You can make purchases with your smartphone:

Simply add your N26 card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet in order to make purchases at merchants who support this payment method.

You can enable this feature before your card arrives in the mail to start using your N26 account straight away but also once you have received your card and activated it.

To add your card to your wallet follow these steps:

  1. Login to your N26 account
  2. Go to 'Cards'
  3. Select 'Card Settings' and swipe to select the card you want to add
  4. Select 'Add to Apple Pay' or 'Add to Google Pay'

Good to know:

  • This feature is not enabled if you reorder your card or upgrade to a premium membership without blocking your current card. In these cases your current card will continue working with 'Apple Pay' or 'Google Pay' until you activate your new card.

How to view my complete card details in the N26 app?

If you need your card details but aren't carrying your card with you at the moment then don't worry. N26 allows you to view your complete card details in the mobile app if you have an active card and paired device.

To view your card follow these steps:

  1. Login to the N26 mobile app
  2. Go to 'Cards'
  3. From your card list swipe until you see the card you want to use
  4. Tap 'Card Details'
  5. Confirm with your fingerprint, face ID or phone lock PIN

You will be able to view your complete card details for 1 minute. Please note, you won't be able to take screenshots whilst your card details are being displayed.