Bereavement & probate

How can I inform N26 about a death? 

In the event of a bereavement, the descendants have to deal with many bureaucratic tasks. One of them is the settlement of the deceased’s bank accounts. 

The easiest way to contact N26 in this matter is by email. Alternatively, it is possible to send an inquiry via letter or, if applicable, via fax:


Fax: +49 (0) 30 / 959 984 490

N26, 10026 Berlin, GERMANY

Please inform us on: 

  • Who is the deceased? 

If possible, please attach a death certificate as this is the most reliable way we can identify any associated bank account. 

  • How can we contact the beneficiaries?

Name, address and email address of the contact person are highly appreciated, so we can get in contact with the beneficiaries.  A callback is unfortunately not possible.

  • Is there anything we should already know?

If you are facing certain proceedings or you have specific documents already available, it can be helpful to share them with us. 

We will get back to you or the beneficiaries with information on the further proceedings. 

Occasionally we’re inquired by a notary in charge of the succession. In this case we will provide the notary with all necessary information for your convenience. We recommend providing any notary in charge with our address details. 

Please refrain from sending us original documents via mail at this stage. Whenever we require an original, we will notify you or your notary in charge. 

What happens to an N26 account if the account holder dies?  

Due to regional differences in laws and regulation, the proceeding can vary depending on the country. 

However, any account with N26 Bank AG is located in Germany. 

When it comes to the relationship between the deceased’s bank and the beneficiaries, other legal requirements may be applicable than usually in your home country.

As soon as we learn of the death of one of our customers, the associated cards and online banking and any access to the app will be blocked.

Please note that standing orders or SEPA direct debit mandates on the account generally continue to exist after the death of the account holder. Heirs or authorised representatives must have these revoked or deleted. 

Further, we are in principle legally obligated to notify the tax authority responsible for inheritance tax in Germany of the assets belonging to the estate.

We will notify the beneficiaries or their notary in charge in any case which exact documents they need to provide in order to settle the deceased’s account with N26.

I am a customer, can I take precautionary measures in the event of my death? 

There are various ways in which you can ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. 

It is therefore strongly advisable for anyone who is more intensively involved in drawing up a will to seek legal assistance from a lawyer, a notary or a tax advisor. This applies in particular if larger assets are to be inherited. 

Our customer service or the experts in our probate department cannot offer you further advice on this. 

For any further information on a specific situation please seek professional assistance from a suitable advisory service.