Why didn't I receive my pairing code via SMS?

For iOS customers who are not receiving our Pairing SMS, you may have a feature enabled that filters our SMS. To find our message in iMessage, go to the Filters option in the top left and select the Unknown senders folder.

A pairing code is required to connect your smartphone to your account. If you didn’t receive this code via SMS for whatever reason, you can request a new one up to five times in the mobile app. Please wait 30 seconds before requesting a new one.

When you receive our code via SMS and need to copy it, remember not to close the N26 app or the verification process will fail.

If all five codes are requested and pairing is still unsuccessful, then for security reasons you’ll be blocked from making further requests for 24 hours. If this happens, you can either wait or contact our Customer Support via chat - who would be happy to help you.

If your country code is outside of the EU, it’s likely that you’ll need to contact us to receive a pairing code.