How long do transfers take?

ℹ️ Applies to all regions except the UK

All domestic and international SEPA transfers are completed within one banking day. However, due to the opening times of the participating banks, one banking day may stretch to two working days.

With MoneyBeam, you can transfer money to other N26 customers instantly. Times vary for foreign currency transfers with TransferWise (but you’ll see an estimated transfer time when you create the transfer).

You'll need to confirm each type of transfer via push message in the app before we send anything out.

Please note: we only accept transfers in EUR via SEPA (that means no SWIFT transfers).

If your incoming transfer is outside of these estimated time frames, please contact the sender (bank) for a payment investigation. We can't investigate incoming transfers. But we've collected a few reasons why your SEPA or foreign currency transfer could have failed.