How to request the average annual balance

Why do I need it?

The average annual balance is used to fill out the ISEE form, report your N26 bank account with a German IBAN to the Italian tax authorities when this balance is greater than 5.000€, prove your creditworthiness, and access programs or receive special benefits from the Italian government based on your financial situation.

You can request the ISEE form by filling out the DSU form, which is essential for accessing some of the tax breaks offered by the Italian government.

The value of the average annual balance, which is self-certified by the bank account holder without the need for paper documentation, must be entered in the FC.2 section of the ISEE form, under “bank and postal accounts and deposits”. You should enter the type of financial asset held and the bank account balance into this field.

How do I calculate it?

The average annual balance is the amount obtained by dividing the sum of the daily balances of the current account by 365, regardless of the effective duration of the calendar year (leap years), and of the number of days in which the account has been active or had a positive balance, as defined by the italian Tax Authority (new tab) and in the instructions (new tab) for completing the Single Tax Declaration 2020 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies.

How do I request my average annual balance?

Starting from January 2021, you will receive your average annual balance for 2019 and 2020 in your (new tab)Messages (new tab). You do not need to submit a request.

If you need your average annual balance for a year prior to 2019, please contact our Customer Service team via chat.