How to close my account?

We’re sorry to see that you want to close your N26 account. We’d love to keep you as a customer—tell us what we can do better!If you have a premium N26 account, you can simply cancel your premium membership and switch to the free N26 Standard bank account. 

If you’ve decided to permanently close your N26 account, here’s what to do:

  1. Make your account balance €0. If you still have money left in your N26 account, you should transfer the money to another bank account. If your account balance is negative, top up your account so that your account balance is €0.
  2. Tap here to begin your account closure process online. You’ll first need to log in to verify your identity. The app will then guide you through the account closure process.
  3. Destroy your N26 card. For example, by cutting it up with scissors. You should cut the chip embedded into your card and the magnetic stripe on the back of your card, then dispose of the parts separately.

Still having trouble closing your account?

If you have an Italian IBAN or you’re unable to log in to your N26 account, please email from your registered email address with this cancellation form attached. This cancellation form includes:

  • A declaration requesting the closure of your N26 account on a specific date, or “as soon as possible”
  • Your full legal name
  • The IBAN of your N26 account
  • If you have funds remaining in your main account or your Spaces sub-accounts, we’ll also need an IBAN of another bank account within the SEPA area (eurozone) for us to transfer your remaining balance.