How do I get the French IBAN?

Figure out how to switch from a German IBAN to a French one

N26 has been exclusively offering accounts with a French IBAN to its new customers since June 2023. This rollout was gradual and N26 is now letting existing customers switch to the French IBAN. In this article, you will find all the key points you need to know about switching to a French IBAN.

Who can switch to a French IBAN?

N26 users residing in France who have an N26 account opened in France will be invited to switch to a French IBAN one group at a time. So, you can only switch to the French IBAN by invitation. N26 will send this invitation to eligible customers via email and via the mobile app.

What are the benefits of the French IBAN?

Thanks to the French IBAN already offered to all our customers, you can continue to manage your membership plans as normal, but it’s now even easier to:

  • direct debit your salary to your N26 account
  • receive all your transfers (social benefits, refunds, etc.)
  • set up your direct debits
  • pay your bills and subscriptions
  • avoid paperwork and refusal related to foreign IBANs

Switching to the French IBAN is of course free and takes just a few minutes on your N26 app.

What do I need to do before I switch to the French IBAN?

Before you switch to a French IBAN, there are a few things you need to check:

If these conditions are met, please wait to receive our invite to switch to the French IBAN.

How do I switch to the French IBAN?

Switching to the French IBAN takes place entirely in the mobile app and requires no paperwork.

The procedure usually takes a few minutes and your new French IBAN will be available once you’ve signed the Terms and Conditions.

Your new IBAN will be immediately searchable in your mobile app and in your web app where you can also download your RIB (new tab).

When you switch to the French IBAN, your cards will still work, and your account balance history and monthly statements will remain accessible.

You’ll keep the same account type and the same services and features. Only N26 Shared Spaces (Premium feature) and instalment loans won’t be available at this time.

*If you had to interrupt the switch procedure once you started it, you can come back to it directly from an entry point in the app. Just click on your initials at the top of your screen (right) and you will be able to access it.

What do I need to do after switching to the French IBAN?

Once your new IBAN is available, you’ll need to share it with your payment partners as soon as possible to avoid transactions being rejected.

Here’s some examples of potential third parties that you’ll need to inform:

  • Third parties that make payments or refunds (employer, social, mutual and social security organizations, etc.)
  • Your service providers (electricity, water, gas, telephony, insurance, etc.)
  • The organizations you have subscriptions for (sports, magazine, membership, etc.)


I didn't receive an invite, so can I still switch to a French IBAN?

No, switching to the French IBAN is only offered by invitation. N26 sends out invites in batches and reserves the right to decide on its customers’ eligibility. Please be patient until we get to you.

How do I start the French IBAN switching procedure?

Once you have received our invitation email for the French IBAN switch, click on ‘Let’s go' directly in the email - if you are opening it from your phone. Otherwise, you just have to log in to your N26 app. On the top of your screen, there will be a box allowing you to start the switch.

If you had to interrupt the switch procedure once you started it, you can come back to it directly from an entry point in the app. Just click on your initials at the top of your screen (right) and you will be able to access it.

I started the process to get a French IBAN but I’m blocked, so what should I do?

If you are blocked for a particular reason, it should appear in the app: please look at what it says and wait for 24 hours before getting in touch with our Customer Support. Our agents will then take a look at the situation for you.

The migration may take a little longer than expected (up to 24 hours). After this timeframe, please contact our Customer Support (new tab) so that we can check what’s going on.

I’m being asked for additional documents. What should I do?

In rare cases, for regulatory reasons, N26 may require additional documentation (new tab) to keep the information about you up to date.

This request is sent directly to the secure email within your N26 App. We’ll invite you to check a list of documents that you need to provide, depending on your situation, and to reply to this message with the supporting documents we’ve requested within a set timeframe.

Providing these documents is mandatory if you want to keep using your N26 account.

Do I have to declare my N26 account with a French IBAN?

After you’ve switched to an N26 account with a French IBAN, you won’t need to declare (new tab) it each year as a foreign account when you file your annual income tax return.

No more paperwork!

All you have to do is report that you've closed your German N26 account the next time you file your tax return, and you won't have to do anything else. Of course, we’ll remind you of this in due course.

Where can I find my IBAN or RIB?

You can access your IBAN from the My Account tab of your N26 app.

If you need your RIB (new tab) (the document that contains all the details of your account, including your IBAN), visit your personal area in the N26 WebApp (new tab).

I didn't find the answer to my question

If you can’t find the answer to your question in this article, please contact N26 Customer Support (new tab) via your in-app chat support, from Support Center or by phone if you have access to a Premium phone line.