How to pay taxes to Agencia Tributaria in Spain with N26

Living in Spain and need to pay taxes to the Spanish Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria or AEAT)? N26 is the first digital bank in Spain that allows you to easily send payments to the AEAT—right from your N26 app. Whether you want to clear an outstanding payment or pay your taxes such as VAT or personal income tax (IPRF), a few quick taps is all it takes to send money to the AEAT directly from your N26 bank account. 

Which taxes can I pay to the Spanish Tax Agency with my N26 account?

First, it’s important to note that this process only applies for the 2019 tax year and beyond. Although N26 isn’t an official partner of the AEAT, you can still pay the majority of taxes in Spain from the N26 app. This includes all 700+ (AEAT) taxes, except some like: 003, 060, 061, 069, 576, 602, 696, 770, 771, 790, 791, 990, and 991.

How can I pay taxes in Spain with N26?

You can pay taxes to the Agencia Tributaria in Spain (AEAT) directly from your N26 bank account, regardless of which country’s IBAN you have.

  1. Click here to access AEAT’s website and start filling the personal fields.
  2. Follow the instructions to fill out your tax payment form, and select ‘Payment of settlements and debts by bank transfer’ when choosing your payment method.
  3. The AEAT will then share the necessary details to make a bank transfer from your N26 app. Make sure you received the following information: 
    1. The IBAN of the authority.
    2. Total amount to pay.
    3. Your unique code for the bank transfer.
    4. Payment deadline.
  4. Open your N26 app.
    1. From the Home screen tap the Send money tab.
    2. On the contact list screen, simply select the “+” icon at the top right corner
    3. Select Bank Transfer to initiate a SEPA transfer.
  5. Enter the bank details you just received, and make sure to enter your unique code in the reference message.
  6. Choose between a standard bank transfer or an instant bank transfer — and that’s it! Please note that instant bank transfers are free for all premium N26 customers (those having an N26 Smart, N26 You or N26 Metal account), and costs €1.99 for N26 Standard customers in Spain. A standard bank transfer can take up to 48 hours to reach another bank account — so if you’re tight on time, we recommend choosing the instant bank transfer.

Here is a visual explanation of how to pay taxes, coming directly from the AEAT.

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